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Contact Us
The best way to get in touch is via E-mail to .  Pleas contact me if you decide to adopt one of the children.  If you do adopt please link to this page and pleas give credit to our Artists for their hard work.
If you have any comments, requests, additions to the nursery or you just want to chat (I love getting e-mail) go ahead and e-mail me.
While you are here please sign my guest book.

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If you are an artist and can draw a cute baby (preferably color) I would love to put it on this site.   
I am always looking for ones we don't have. Currently I am really interested in finding the human Pokemon characters (Ash, Misty, Team Rocket) and the human Digimon characters as babies. Any and all others are welcome too!  Just E-mail it to me with your name, the picture and any other info you would like on it.  I will be happy to receive any.

This is my banner if you would like to use it when you link to me.  Just copy and paste.